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Life of Riley  
#1 Posted : Thursday, May 31, 2018 6:23:27 PM(UTC)
Life of Riley
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I tried fishing a bit this morning and the trout got the best of me. It's been so hot out, and the grass is tall and the bugs are out so I was leaning against going. Then I saw the new WI trout fishing on yew tube and I figured I'd man up and go. I tried a medium size trout stream that I've been to before, knowing that the water would be up due to the rain. It was up, and was looking a good deal dirtier than normal, maybe 10 inches visibility. I started out with a #15 gold/brass Panther Martin and fished quite a while and no takers. Later I switched to a #9 gold blade black body PM and had a lazy follow from a nice 15-17 inch looking fish. Repeated attempts would not raise him again. I caught 2 small browns, raised another fish in the mid to upper teens, lost 2 fish that hit very light and both looked like 18-21 inch range, and lastly I had the biggest trout I've ever seen with my own eyes follow my spinner in and almost hit me in the belt buckle. I fished a pretty long stretch and normally I would catch a few more than I did. I have two big questions:

1. Is there a certain color or maybe a different lure that works best in water that has a heavy stain?

2. What do you do when trout seem to be following lures but not chomping them? How do I convert more follows into landed fish?

Final observation: there's a lot more bugs, spiderwebs, tall grass and thick foliage, stream fishing in the summer isn't for the faint of heart!
William Schlafer  
#2 Posted : Thursday, May 31, 2018 7:39:39 PM(UTC)
William Schlafer
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I can't answer your spinner questions (cause I'm one of those snobby fly rod purists) but I can say that stained water is your friend in the summertime.

When the water is gin clear and the sun has been beating down on the creek, Trout will generally seek cover in cooler darker places. When the clouds come out, and the water has some color in it, the Trout relax and are more likely to be in a feeding mood.

When you have lots of follows, but no takers, it's usually because Trout will instinctively chase at anything they think is either food, or it just pisses them off enough to want to attack it. If they're reluctant, try switching up to something bigger or flashier. Make your lure jerk or twitch to imitate a struggling bait fish. I've have great luck with fly patterns by sinking them and stripping them fast through pools and runs. This can bring a big strike from the alpha fish in the pool.

Best tactic in the summer is to avoid the heat by fishing early, or late. Don't be afraid of a little rain, as often that can bring the Trout out to feed. To avoid the tall weeds, ticks and other biting bugs, I try to find streams that flow though pastures. The cows keep the grass down to a tolerable height and it's much easier to get to the stream. Also look for creeks that have shaded spots, up against bluffs or other terrain, of under trees. Spring fed streams will also have cooler water during the warm months, which Trout will seek out. Look for places where those little feeders enter the stream. There's likely to be a Trout or two hanging out there.

Good luck.
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#3 Posted : Thursday, May 31, 2018 7:49:46 PM(UTC)
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Your biggest problem is that you are measuring your success against the success rate from the guy in the Wisconsin Trout Fishing videos. That man is a expert with well many years of experience. Even his sidekick has fished longer than you've been alive. Keep your head up and look at this post again 20 years from now and you will get quite a chuckle reading about these beginner lumps. ThumpUp
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rschmidt on 6/2/2018(UTC)
#4 Posted : Thursday, May 31, 2018 8:50:45 PM(UTC)
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I’m pretty good, at least I like to think so, but I’d put that guy up against anyone. Don’t knock yourself there
"I fish because I love to: Because only in the woods can I find solitude without loneliness."
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rschmidt on 6/2/2018(UTC)
#5 Posted : Thursday, May 31, 2018 9:47:55 PM(UTC)
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Come to Troutstock and speak to great anglers and guides
Get Reel
#6 Posted : Thursday, May 31, 2018 11:01:36 PM(UTC)
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I usually try switching colors or sizing up or down when I'm getting lots of follows without takes. Chuck a rapala or a jig at those big boys when they won't hit spinners, you might piss em off enough to attack LOL
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Life of Riley on 6/1/2018(UTC)
#7 Posted : Friday, June 1, 2018 12:45:25 PM(UTC)
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I got onto some big fish Tues and Wed. The conditions were the same as you mentioned. I had a lot of follows and refusals most of which were right at the bank. But I also had a couple grab my Rapala right as I was lifting it out of the water. One of the big trout followed multiple times but wouldn't take, the other big trout is swimming around with my black and gold Rapala in its mouth right now. I'm going back after the first one tonight. Just because you didn't catch those big trout you speak of doesnt mean you wont the next time you go after them. A large percent of the large trout I have caught to a return trip and sometimes multiple return trips. A couple of them I had refuse on multiple returns and then I just stopped seeing them all together.

Edit: The trout in the shallow riffles were much more aggressive than those in the "pools".

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Life of Riley on 6/1/2018(UTC)
#8 Posted : Friday, June 1, 2018 11:29:33 PM(UTC)
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Keep at it, trout fishing is a war, not a battle! Hahaha I have had very similar condition the last 2 outings. 4 fish and 2 fish in 2 outinings with tons of followers and lots of hendrickson grazing going on. Wish I would have had the fly rod. OhMyGod R
#9 Posted : Monday, June 4, 2018 5:25:10 PM(UTC)
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I try to change size/action and keep the same color on (or something mostly the same).

I got my first 20" brown after I had a bunch of follows and lazy takes on a 1/4 oz firetiger Clio clone... Switched to a #4 mepps comet, which was my only other firetiger lure and she crushed it on my second cast.
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